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Kardena getting ready for NPC Cal.State Figure & Bikini Championships, 100% Vegan

Hello everybody! I’m here in Las Vegas for a family golf tournament. While I’m here I wanted to share some things that have been going on with me. I’ve been training for my NPC figure/Bikini Championship, Vegan Style which is definitely not the norm. I want to show them what a Vegan can really do! […]

Interview with the “Juiceman” Jay Kordich

I had the privilege of speaking with Jay Kordich “The Juice Man.” I’m here with Jay Kordich, I’m so excited to be talking with him. He is the author of “The Power of Juicing” and he has wonderful products to get you started with juicing and eating healthy. Jay has introduced thousands of people to […]

Checking out vegan products at Natural Products Expo Anaheim

Reporting Live from the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA Today I’m reporting live from the Natural Products Expo West, ok almost live. I’m here to check different products and foods and gather some insights for items you can look for in the future when you visit your local health food store. Here are […]

Healthy Spaghetti

With all this cold weather recently, are you craving something warm? Maybe something Italian? How about a healthy alternative for spaghetti made from winter squash? Winter squash (aka spaghetti squash) is dramatically lower in calories than traditional pasta noodles. How much lower, you ask? Try 40 calories per cup of spaghetti squash vs. 190 calories […]

Quick and Easy Breakfast Smoothie

This is how I make my quick, easy and delicious Blueberry Banana Smoothies. You can also find this recipe in my Easy Veggie Meal Plan, weight loss program. This is a great smoothie for breakfast or a snack that’s light on calories and big on antioxidants, fiber, essential protein, and essential minerals! All you’ll need is […]

Vegan Protein Powder Try-Out

Vegan Protein Powder? Guest post from Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll know that I’m not one to normally buy protein powders or meal replacements.  However, I have to ADMIT, the other day I stopped into one of the whole food stores in my neighborhood and picked […]

Vegan Diet: Failure or Success?

Today, another vegan diet update from Craig Ballantyne… ***************************************************** Vegan Diet Road Trip: Failure or Success? Oh boy did I screw up. I only made it 6 days on the vegan diet experiment before I ate something from the banned list. And to be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing…but there I was Fridaymorning, having just […]

Vegan Diet Experiment

Here’s Craig Ballantyne’s Vegan Diet experiment so far… November – World Vegan Month Experiment By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS So far, so good. Almost three days down and having no problems sticking to a full vegan diet – rather than the regular vegetarian lifestyle. Tonight I plan to grill some portabella mushroom burgers and cook […]

The Best Superfoods

A week ago I wrote an article about supporting local farmers by shopping at your local farmers market. Shopping locally helps reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth and is a great way to get fresh, ripe, organic (if possible) fruits and veggies. I like supporting the small family owned farms that have been around […]

Now is your chance, help the environment and your body!

This time of the year is an exciting time for local farmers markets. Much of the produce planted in the spring is being harvested and brought to local markets in your area. Fall is in the air, pumpkins, apples, peaches, hayrides, and Starbucks Pumpkin spice latte-don’t fall prey to this one….:-) Shopping at local farmers […]