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Vegetarian Eating on the Road

Today, a guest article from Craig Ballantyne on how to stick to vegetarian eating on the road, even when you go to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant and Shula’s steakhouse! ****************************************************** Vegetarian Eating on the Road Well, I thought, this shouldn’t be too hard. After all, I’ve been to Texas (twice) and Europe without any problems, […]

Be Vegetarian, Live Longer

Do Vegetarians Live Longer? Some Things to Consider… Talk about the $25,000 question! As you may well know, excess consumption of red meat has been linked to increase risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and other disorders. Health-conscious people (like you!) are eating more fruit, vegetables and are staying away from beef, red meat and […]

Welcome To Vegetarian Month

October 1st is the kick off to Vegetarian Awareness Month. So many people are realizing the benefits of a vegetarian based diet and non vegetarians are reducing their total meat consumption. According to the vegetarian times 46 percent of Americans are reducing their meat consumption. This is excellent news for our environment and your health. […]

Emergency Vegetarian Road Trip

Late last month my husband Mark got a call from his family that we were dreading.  His Uncle Frank had passed away from a terminal illness. It was a very sad time for us since we were so close to him and he was such a wonderful person. We quickly booked our flights the next […]

How to Have More Energy

If you are like the average person, then you are struggling to have more energy. And aside from sleep and regular exercise, eating the right food is the 3rd most important factor in how you feel. If you eat a larger than normal meal or a calorie dense meal, do you notice how tired you […]

Vegetarian Diets Help the Environment

Both the vegetarian diet lifestyle and the environment are two topics that are near to my heart, so today I want to share with you the section from my book, “The Vegetarian Lifestyle” that explains the environmental destruction caused by our dependence on livestock… The Truth About the Vegetarian Lifestyle and the Environment And while […]

Craig Ballantyne’s Vegetarian Diet Needs Help!

Fat loss expert and writer for Men’s Health and Oxygen magazines, Craig Ballantyne recently designed his very own vegetarian diet meal plan. The task seemed simple enough to him, but when he came down to visit me in California, I had to set him straight on a few things about his vegetarian nutrition meal plan! […]

Veggie Lessons I Learned From My Dad

When I grew up I lived with Mom and unfortunately, I ate a terrible diet. From pizza to burgers and every junk food in between, I ate it on an almost daily basis. But my body, health, and complexion suffered as you can see in this embarrassing photo of me. So for years I struggled […]

5 Vegetarian Diet Weight Loss Mistakes

When most folks think of vegetarian foods and weight loss, they think of naturally healthy meals and men and women with vibrant energy. But did you know that there are dozens of so-called “health foods” that vegetarians eat that are downright unhealthy – and can even cause you to gain fat fast? I’ve been a […]

Welcome to Kardena’s Kitchen & Vegetarian Lifestyle!

Hi! My name is Kardena Pauza, and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, KardenasKitchen.com. This site is dedicated to helping you live the vegetarian and green lifestyle. Not only will you learn how to eat without meat, but you’ll also find out how to help the environment through everyday simple changes you can […]