Interview with the “Juiceman” Jay Kordich

jay_kordichI had the privilege of speaking with Jay Kordich “The Juice Man.”

I’m here with Jay Kordich, I’m so excited to be talking with him. He is the author of “The Power of Juicing” and he has wonderful products to get you started with juicing and eating healthy. Jay has introduced thousands of people to the power of juicing to heal, detoxify, and regenerate their bodies.
Fresh juices can be a wonderful addition to your weight loss program.  It’s a great way to get the nutrients and energy your body needs.  And with all this energy you will want to exercise!

Here’s is my interview with Jay”

Jay: “Let’s make it simple:  Our body, your body, everybody’s body on this Earth is nothing more or less than a juice machine.  So when you eat an apple, your body processes it, breaks it down in to 2 parts- liquid and fiber. The fiber is going to go out of you and the liquid is going to go through the intestinal wall into your blood stream.

The human body is a juice machine so it tries to break everything down into juices…

So when you understand that principle, you try to do a lot of juicing on your own, with our own machine, it helps the body out.  The body works more efficiently that way, you get more nutrients in the blood stream and feed every one of your 100 trillion cells.  It’s an easy thing

How I got started- I was attending USC and in my physiology classes and anatomy classes I really didn’t know all that much when I came down with cancer of the bladder and I was peeing blood.  Right away I knew something was wrong.  I remembered in my anatomy classes about a famous Dr. who treated Dr. Albert Schwitzer. I traveled all the way from Southern California to Europe to have a consultation with Dr. Max Gerson.  He told me, “Jay you have got to drink juices.”  I was like everybody else eating hotdogs, hamburgers, and french fries just like every other young boy in American.

I started drinking lots of juices. He recommended a book called “Raw Vegetable Juices” by Norman Walker from Utah.  I am a real advocate of Dr. Walker.

Anybodies healthy when they are young like 10, 20, and 25.  What about my age 86 years old. How will they be then?

The power of these juices were very substantial to me when I put my dad on Juices. He lived to be 104 and my mom lived to be 98!  Remember, the average American lives to be 77.

Kardena : “What about people who are looking to lose weight?”


Jay: “Right now I am 175 lbs and I’m only 5’10” and I’ve maintained my weight ever since I started drinking juices. I used to be over 200 lbs. My wife is the same way. She has a great figure and maintains her weight.

I won’t even tell you about chewing your food, masticating your food….
Whenever you eat something cooked, eat a mouthful of food, take half a glass of vegetable juice, then another bite or two of cooked food, then a couple sips of juice.  It’s the enzymes in the vegetable juice that will help you digest, breakdown, emulsify, and utilize the nutrients in your food.  Juices are what everything you eat aspires to become. Everything you eat must become juice. If it doesn’t’ get into a juice form it can’t penetrate the little microscopic holes or entry portals through the villi in your intestines.  And nothing will be able to be absorbed to feed your trillion cells. You are fed by the liquid part of food, in other words you are fed by the juices of the food.

When you eat a broiled steak, the body starts to digest it. It starts in the mouth, teeth, you chew it and swallow it.. What’s the body trying to do? It’s trying to digest it, break it down to juice.  What going to come out of that steak? Carrot juice, apple juice, pineapple juice? No… blood, blood of the animal.  It’s morbid, and it’s full of the animal toxins. It’s a stupid thing to do. I know people don’t know, I know they don’t know what they are doing when they eat a steak..

I know there are some animals like lions, tigers, and bears that eat meat.  Look at elephants, they never eat meat and they are one of the largest animals in the world.

Kardena: “Thank you Jay for sharing this wonderful information with everyone!”

What an energetic guy Jay is, love this guy.  He has a powerful belief in juices because he is living proof of it’s amazing power.

My perspective is- If you want to be healthy seek out people who are healthy to learn from just like if you want to have a successful business you would want to learn from a successful business owner.  Jay is definitely a mentor of health for me.. For being 86 years old, he is doing amazing!easy-veggie-meals-ebook

I myself juice periodically juice and I always feel amazing, energized, and have a positive attitude.

Please share with me who in your world is in amazing health over 50 that you see as an inspiration?!

Kardena Pauza,
Author of EasyVeggieMealPlans, 90 day vegetarian weight loss program

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Comment by Arlene Annino
2010-12-19 00:54:16

I have to admit that i sometimes get bored to read the whole thing but i think that your blog can be an exception. Grats !

Comment by admin
2010-12-21 15:48:47

Hey Arlene,
I appreciate the compliment, it made my day!

Comment by cialis
2011-01-24 06:59:24

This actually answered my drawback, thanks!

Comment by sleep aids
2011-01-26 06:12:27

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Comment by Running On Juice
2011-08-21 23:24:05

Great blog and a wonderful piece on juicing.

I started juicing and exercising two years ago. In that time I have lost 60 lbs. Juicing led me to give up meat and alcohol and I have run two half marathons. Before I juiced I could not even run for a bus.

There are a lot of people out there that knock juicing. Look at Jay Kordich, he is 87 and still going strong, the man is living proof.

I have before and after photos on my blog (check the about page.)

Comment by Kardena
2011-08-29 14:21:34

Awesome Shane! Congrats on your success! People don’t know what their missing out on if they’ve never experienced juicing and what it does for your body. It’s like rocket fuel for your body. Keep up the great work!

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