Kardena getting ready for NPC Cal.State Figure & Bikini Championships, 100% Vegan

Hello everybody! I’m here in Las Vegas for a family golf tournament. While I’m here I wanted to share some things that have been going on with me. I’ve been training for my NPC figure/Bikini Championship, Vegan Style which is definitely not the norm.

I want to show them what a Vegan can really do!

A lot of people at the gym have noticed that I’ve been leaning up and keeping a solid muscle tone.

I’m down to the wire now and it’s literally right around the corner. While I’m in Vegas, I wanted to talk about staying on your goals. When it comes to weight loss, there’s no magic bullet. If you do the right things at the right time you’ll get the results you’re looking for! It doesn’t matter if your goal is to improve your look or your weight, if you stay on track you’ll meet your goal. And be sure to check back frequently to my health and fitness blog!

Whenever I travel, I make sure I come prepared. In Vegas I brought my handy cooler which is filled with the foods that I typically eat. Preparation is key! Even though I may eat out occasionally I still have plenty of food to keep me on my goal.

Hotels always have a nice spread of treats; jelly beans popcorn, chocolate, etc.; watch out for these temptations! Bring your own food and you won’t give in!

I also brought my Magic Bullet blender with me as well. If you saw my Holiday gift Idea Blog, my friend Paulette gave this to me! It’s a gift that keeps on giving. I use it to make my shakes and smoothies when I’m on the go…it’s perfect for a little pick me up before I go and work out. It’s these little things that make your life easier and can help you stay on track!easy-veggie-meals-ebook

Cant wait to share my results! Either way I see it as a success and I’m very happy with my results.

Kardena Pauza,
Author of Easy Veggie Meal Plans

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Comment by Daniel
2010-05-29 07:14:28

You are looking good, Kardena!

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-06-08 17:19:01


Comment by Roxanne
2010-05-29 10:00:17

Will you be making another program on what to do to prepare for fitness competitions? Like your eating and nutrition plan and workout plan?I would love information on that! Thank you for all the valuable tips!

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-06-08 17:22:29

Hi Roxanne,
Stay posted, I may. Right now I’m focused on the rest of my competitions over the summer! Wish me luck

Comment by Raymond
2010-05-29 11:44:24

It would be interesting to find out how many other competitors are vegan or vegetarians. If so, where they place in the competition.
I have been a pesco-vegetarian for over 4 years and aim at lean athletic body building. It’s not being lean as a question but rather if you can build a muscular frame from a vegan or vegan diet.
Anyhow Good luck in Vegas!

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-06-08 17:34:05

Hey Raymond,
Thanks for your well wishes! You can lean out and build muscle on a vegan diet. I’ve seen it done and I’ve built up my bod over the last 7 years.
Best to you!

Comment by Paula
2010-05-30 10:12:34

You look absolutely fab, Kardena! Good luck in the competition! Show to all the milk moustache-chicken breast girls that vegans rock!!!
I just wanted to ask you how often you exercise and what type of exercise you do. Do you do cardio on an empty stomach (besides the tea-lemon drink) every morning? What about resistance training? Do you do whole body or split routines and how often? Also, how low have you dropped your calories? I took your challenge with the tea-lemon drink and it is amazing the kick it gives me for morning exercise but I don’t see any fat loss results yet even after two+ weeks of using the drink. Obviously, some of the other parameters need adjusting in my routine. Would be great if you could share some of the details of your obviously very successful contest preparation routine.
Thanks & once again, best of luck!

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-06-14 22:55:52

Hi Paula-wog,
Thanks for the well wishes!
My work out program for competition is different than off season. Ramping up for competition I train more. I do cardio in the am before my first meal and yes I only drink tea-lemon drink and water. I do resistance training 6 days a week right now. I do split routines and hit everybody part twice in a week. My calories have been as low as 1100 and as high as 1300-1400.
Keep with the drink because it does have more benefits than just weight loss and yes the other factors of weight loss are just as important. think of it like a natural fat burner to boost what you are already doing correctly.
I’ll look at doing some more content about my program in the future!
Be healthy, happy and wise,

Comment by Joyce
2010-05-30 18:50:25

Hey Kardena,

Thanks so much for introducing me to the magic bullet! Also, do you have any more tips for aspiring vegan figure competitors? There’s no one out there with that type of info and it’s frustrating… My husband and I just went vegan and we are fitness professionals. We’re trying to figure it all out.

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