How To Make Easy Almond Milk For Weight Loss

sexy-almond-milk-splashMaking almond milk is easy, inexpensive, and a healthy alternative to cows milk, soy milk, or even processed almond milk.

Don’t get me wrong, I do suggest people purchase almond milk from the store. However, if you can make your own almond milk you are more in control of what goes into your tasty beverage.

There’s a lot of people who are lactose intolerant in our society, so this is a great substitute that’s easier to digest than cows milk as well as being a wonderful source of nutrients. And soy milk is controversial with it’s estrogen mimicking chemistry make-up and anti nutrients. I would recommend minimizing your consumption.

Did you know cows milk contains 12-15 grams of sugar per serving? That is not added sugar that is au naturale. If you are looking to lose weight, sugar is something you need to be watchful of in your diet. Besides, cows milk is hard to digest causing lots of digestive and health problems and bogging down your energy.  I have talked about this in another post. milk-myth-busting

Be careful of liquid calories they are the sneakiest adding 100′s of unnoticed calories to your diet.

Almond milk is great because you can use it as a direct substitute for dairy milk. You can use it for cereal, as “creamer” for your coffee or tea, in ice cream or granola, even in a chocolate shake (if it’s healthier, less sugar, and natural sugar and non-dairy, why not!).

Cows milk contains approximately 110 calories per cup.  Almond milk contains 75-90 calories per cup and unsweetened almond milk contains a menial 35 calories per cup.  Almond milk is a better quality, lower calorie option with added healthy fats, protein and calcium.

Before we start, please note that you can use any kind of nut you want, from macadamia nuts, cashews, hazelnuts to pecans to walnuts or even sesame seeds (which are high in calcium). Any of these are a great alternative!

It’s almost as easy as boiling water!

How To Make Almond Milk


1 cup soaked almonds

2-3 cups water

1 strainer bag- read money saving tip below

Optional- 1-2 dates, agave nectar, stevia, cinnamon, vanilla extract/vanilla bean, dash of sea salt

How To Make:

I recommend soaking 1 cup of almonds in water for 24 hours prior to using (remember to rinse and add new water after 12 hours). This will make the almonds soft and easier to blend.

Add the 1 cup of almonds to approximately 2-3 cups of water and blend until you don’t hear the almond chunks hitting the blade. Using 2 cups of water instead of 3 cups will give the milk a stronger almond flavor. A high powered blender works great but a regular blender is fine, too.

When you’re done blending, there may still be some almonds chunks, but that’s ok. Get your mesh bag and pour the contents of the blender through the nut bag into a container/bowl.  Squeeze the contents of the bag until you’re left with pretty dry almond pulp in the bag. Voila, you’re done!

MONEY SAVING TIP- Instead of buying a “special” nu


t bag online for $7.00 you can go to your local hardware store like Lowe’s or a place that sells paint and purchase paint bags. They have what’s called a paint strainer bag which is exactly the same as a nut bag but you only pay around $2 for 2-3 bags. What a huge savings!  The paint strainer bags are used to strain out fine particulates out of paint.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea came from paint bags and they just changed the name to nut milk bag.

Once you have your almonds, put it in a sealed jar or container and store it in the fridge up to 5 days.

You can keep the pulp in a container in the fridge and store for later uses, like making scones, cookies or nut burgers!

There’s lot of uses for almond milk. You can add chocolate/agave nectar/dates/stevia for a chocolate milk treat.  A delicious drink and a great ingredient for other recipes! Cranberry Orange Scones

Check out more ideas for almond milk in my 90 day meal plan! Be creativEasy Veggie Meals eBooke and have fun!

What do you make with your almond milk?

Kardena Pauza
Author of – 90 day Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan
Great for beginners or advanced vegetarians

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Comment by PoD
2010-02-15 05:33:11

Dear Kardena,
Thanks for the article, I’ll definitely try it out. Where I live (Hungary) there are no such things as nut milks. Also no nut butters, which I’d like to incorporate into my diet.
Could you write an atricle on how to make nut butters if that’s possible. I’d really like to try it out.


Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-02-26 01:26:14

I will consider making it. It may take equipment I don’t have. I’ll keep you updated.

Comment by Jacqui
2010-02-15 14:28:54

Thanks, Kardena. Didn’t know it was so easy to make almond milk. I will definetely make it. Can this be used as the protein source in my shakes? Will it work in homemade icecream? Would also like like to see how to make homemade nut butters as PoD suggested.

Love your Videos,

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-02-26 01:30:06

Hi Jacqui,
You can use almond milk in your smoothies, it contains 1-2 grams of protein. Add some greens and nuts for protein. Yes it will definitely work for ice cream.
TBA on the nut butter.

Comment by Ursula
2010-02-18 09:42:22

Thanks Kardena. Will try it, think it will be yummy with my muesli in the mornings.

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-02-26 01:30:23

yes tasty!

Comment by jane
2010-02-20 14:58:21

Hi, Kardena, and thanks! On the video you mention some things to do with the pulp that’s left over, but could you be a little more specific? Can we use it to thicken something like soup? Any other ideas?

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-06-09 19:37:55

Hi Jane,
You can make cookies and cakes with almond meal, or yes use it to thicken up soups!

Comment by Musarrat
2010-02-23 02:01:00

Oh Kardena thank u for posting almond milk recipe becoz I also cdnt find milk n nut butter I also suggest liki PoD anJacqui did.
best regards

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-02-26 01:32:41

Ok I get it, I need to make nut butter.
Let me see what I can do.
wishing you wellness,

Comment by Patrick
2010-03-03 14:32:07

Oh this is my favorite! I love almond milk & cashew milk. I use to buy them all the time in those little cartons (I still do now & then) however when I make it fresh, following your instructions… wow sooooo tasty!!! I add a little lite agave to the almond/cashew milk (I use more often that not Ionized water) and mix it when some organic hemp & add the greens
(hahaha keep it green) and it makes a healthy & tasty breakfast or lunch. Keep them comin’ master chef Kardena! You da’bomb!

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-06-09 19:39:01

Sounds very tasty! keep it green!

Comment by Tanya
2011-01-03 23:25:11

Hi Kardena,

Thank you so much for the Almond Milk recipe – I’m looking forward to making this, rather than buying at the supermarket (very hard to find here). I’d also like to make some Sesame Seed milk and I just have a quick question about this – do the sesame seeds need to be soaked before blending?

Thanks Kardena, have a great day.


Comment by Shelby
2011-01-19 03:30:22

Can the leftover pulp be used to make nut butter? Also, do you know the full nutritional breakdown of the nut milk (cals, fat, carbs, pro)?

Have u experimented with making your own nut butter? If so, give us the scoop! :-)

Comment by Moonmoon Gupta Ali
2011-05-11 01:21:24

Hi Kardena,

Thanks for the recipe. can we only eat the pulp separately? is the pulp contains calorie? Is almond milk help to reduce weight?

Comment by Kardena
2011-05-27 17:33:54

you can use the pulp to make scones which I put in another post. Almonds are part of a healthy diet because almonds have so many beneficial nutrients and making almond milk at home it much healthier than buying it at the store and cheaper. Almonds are dense in calories so you do need to be aware of how many you are eating at one time, so eat them as the fat portion of your meal (approx. 15 almonds). For example of you are eating breakfast and you make a protein shake. don’t add flax oil to your smoothie if you already added almonds to the smoothie. This could put you over hte number of calories your body needs.They are a part of my weight loss diet! They also contain “good” fats that are essential to so many functions in your body including boosting your metabolism.

Go nuts!

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