How to Have More Energy

If you eat a larger than normal meal or a calorie dense meal, do you notice how tired you feel afterwards? food-comafood-coma

This is what I call FOOD COMA.

This is where you get extremely tired and you start to regret stuffing yourself, but it’s too late the DAMAGE is done. You can barely keep your eyes open and all you want to do is crawl up into a ball and go to sleep. You can’t focus or concentrate on work and even a simple conversation takes effort.

All you want to do is lie down.

So many people have this experience on a daily basis. In fact, I was just like this during high school when I would gorge on fast food and pizza and junk.

But this is not how your body should feel after meals.

With the Vegetarian Lifestyle, you won’t be sleepy after you eat. In fact, you’ll be alert, mentally sharp, and physically ready to take on the world.

By eating high nutrient low calorie foods, you will eliminate the side effects from food comas. I guarantee you’ll have more energy with the Veggie Meal Plans diet than you have on any other diet – simply because you will NOT be restricting your calorie or nutrient intake – in fact, you’ll be able to fill yourself up with our delicious foods..


I love making smoothies because they give me so much ENERGY in the morning.

I’ll blend different fruits and vegetables with a little protein powder to make easy to digest and energizing drinks. I’ll also add a tiny bit of fresh ginger to give it a zing and anti-inflammatory properties. You won’t get the same energy or health benefits from a plate of bacon, eggs, and white-flour pancakes!


I also love to make fresh, flavorful soups. And it’s easy too.

I make soups in the blender or food processor, such as a simple tomato gazpacho soup, or Mexican green soup, or an Asian inspired coconut curry soup. These soups can be warmed on the stove or eaten at room temperature. These foods are full of life! I use everything from carrots, celery, broccoli, cilantro, basil, onions, coconut, apples, oranges, lemon, and a variety of spices.


I make these really great wraps using a low-carb tortilla, romaine lettuce leaf, or a collard green leaf as the wrap shell.

Each wrap is lovingly filled with fresh veggies like spinach, sprouts, green onions, cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, and then I add hummus, salsa, or herb seasonings/salt.


I also make a pate from sunflower seeds and spices, tempeh, or seitan, which makes the wrap filling, very nutritious, and energizing!

These are just a few ways in which you can fill up on nutrient-rich foods that will leave you energized and feeling great throughout the day.

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Comment by Janet Kent
2009-12-21 07:46:51

Great ideas,thnak you. Here in Scotland UK when we are snowed in ,as we are now, we need good filling food that is simple to make.

Comment by Cindy
2009-12-21 19:16:39

Are the soups raw?
Some recipes for what you have mentioned would be nice to see, especially how you make the soups & sunflower seed pate.
Thanks and hope you and your family have a great Xmas & New Year.

Comment by Rachelle
2009-12-21 23:40:55

Do you have some recipes to share? The Mexican green soup and the Asian inspired coconut curry soup sound very, very yummy! Thanks for ideas!!!

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2009-12-31 04:11:35

Hi Cindy,
Yes those soups are raw. I will do a post with video showing how to make one soon!
We are having a wonderful holiday season, I wish the same for you and your family. Kardena

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2009-12-31 04:12:45

Hi Rachelle,
now that I have your attention, I will make it for you! Happy Holidays, Kardena

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2009-12-31 04:14:23

Hi Janet,
You can use the recipes in the easy veggie meal plan to make tasty filling foods. I have provided lots a variety and balanced meals. Enjoy! Kardena

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