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My name is Kardena Pauza, and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, KardenasKitchen.com.

This site is dedicated to helping you live the vegetarian and green lifestyle. Not only will you learn how to eat without meat, but you’ll also find out how to help the environment through everyday simple changes you can make at home.

But first, I want to tell you a bit about myself.

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 6 years, and in fact, I’m a raw food vegan. That means I don’t eat foods that have been cooked. Most people gradually work their way from vegetarian to vegan to raw food vegan, but I skipped a few steps and went straight from eating meat to eating almost entirely raw foods. More on that another time…

But in the past 6 years I’ve helped hundreds of men and women just like you lose fat and get more energy just by changing their diets. Once you start eating green you’ll be amazed at how good you feel and how much confidence and energy you have all day.

Plus, if you’re like me, your complexion will improve dramatically once you stop eating the S.A.D. diet. Oh wait, I didn’t explain that one yet, did I?

The S.A.D. diet is also known as the Standard American Diet. I used to eat that way all the way up until I was 20 years old. My favorite meals were pepperoni pizza and coke or burritos from Taco Bell. But unfortunately I had the body fat and acne that come with that kind of diet.

health-emporium-raw-food-dishes-032It wasn’t until a few embarrassing illnesses caused by eating meat that I finally decided to look for a better way to eat and live. And I finally found that when I stumbled across a whole foods expert lecturing in Southern California. As soon as I heard about eating vegan and consuming living foods, I was hooked.

I can’t wait to share my raw food recipes and to help you make the small baby steps from eating meat to becoming a vegetarian, and perhaps even switching to a vegan diet. But hey, its all up to you.

There will be no “preaching” here. Instead, I just want to share and share all the good foods and meals you can eat without cooking, without meat, and even without dairy and eggs.

It doesn’t matter what kind of diet you choose to follow, I guarantee you’ll love what we make in Kardena’s Kitchen and you’ll want to try it as well.

Along the way you’ll also meet my husband Mark who I helped transform his body. He lost over 37 pounds switching from the S.A.D. diet to a vegan diet, and now he has a lot more energy for his busy job.

But again, not preachin’, just sayin’, you know?

The bottom line is that we’re going to have a lot of fun in the kitchen. After all, that’s where most parties take place.

Get ready to discover exciting new foods and meals that are simple and easy – and affordable – and will help you lose fat and feel healthy for life! 10vfnte_ebook_41

To your success and vitality,

Kardena Pauza

PS – Make sure you download the free report on the 10 vegetarian foods you must NOT eat on a weight loss diet.

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Comment by Sheryl
2009-07-05 03:11:14

Hi Kardena, I am really interested in what you have to say about being a vegan and losing weight – About 8 years ago I made a dramatic change in my eating – chose to be a vegan (eating raw foods) but my weight kept going up so (after reading all about micronutrients etc) I thought well maybe my body needs more protein than I was having so have slowly tried to work out how I can lose weight with still being vegan. Is it possible for everyone?? I would prefer to be vegan but have been having yoghurt and cheese lately, for more protein options,(and have lost some weight) but my nose has started dripping contantly and I am sure it is the dairy. I would love to find a way to lose about 5 more kilo and still be vegan. I exercise regularly – am trying the Turbulance training concept as well. Oh and if it matters I am 51!!!

Comment by Jayne
2009-07-05 10:19:04

Hi Kardena. I’m really excited that you’ve decided to post a blog. I found you through Craig’s site. My question is about substituting things for the cheese and eggs in the meal plans. I’m a recent vegan (23 year vegetarian) and I’m finding it tough to figure out substitutions for snacks like boiled eggs, cottage cheese, etc. I’m afraid I may be over doing it on the hummus! :) I try to keep the processed food to a minimum but I do eat the occasional veg patty and tempeh. (I’m still working on the best way to make it though.) I just started training seriously vs. playing at it and I don’t want my diet to work against me.

Comment by Linda
2009-07-05 14:11:23

I’ve been concentrating on fresh leaf salad greens with organic italian dressing that has olive oil, and I see my weight dropping. It is a lot of work to eat healthy, but I do feel better. Growing more fresh veggies this year. Feedback on vegetarian tips is most welcome.

Comment by admin
2009-07-09 14:22:54

Hi Linda,
Congrats on the weight loss! Salad greens are a wonderful source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. I don’t like to spend lots of time in the kitchen because I am so busy. I make a large salad or other dish, enough for 3-4 meals and store it in the refrigerator until I am hungry. Then I grab it when I need it. This saves me lots of time. I have a suggestion, an amazing high mineral solution for fertilizing veggies in your garden is Ocean Grown Solution. It boosts the nutrient content tremendously. Or ground kelp.

Comment by Jeff
2009-07-05 17:59:38

I’m a 45 year old male and have a real concern with consuming Soy as a protein option. Would it be OK to stay away from this protein source altogether?

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2009-08-06 02:41:47

Hi Jeff, You can get enough protein from other sources therefore you don’t need to eat soy. You may want to sprinkle a little tempeh in your diet once in a while. It is shown to be healthy since it is fermented. And just a couple ounces of Tempeh is packed with protein. 1/2 cup has 15 grams of protein so you don’t need much. Even having only 1/4 cup tempeh with beans and veggies will give you plenty of protein. Kardena

Comment by Jami
2009-07-06 11:07:01

I also found your site via Craig and have been looking forward to the meal plans he says he has been working on after meeting with you. I downloaded the meal plans you have listed however I am concerned about the amount of protein coming from soy based products. I have been trying to avoid these and also trying to keep my dairy to a minimum. What are your thoughts on soy? Will you also be posting vegan meal plans and perhaps even raw vegan? I would love to see all the options available and from there put together my own that will be closer to how I prefer to eat.

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2009-08-06 02:36:55

Hi Jami,
On the 90 day meal plan I have reduced the soy in the meals. There is still some but very little and I incorporated tempeh (fermented soy) in place of tofu in some cases. Studies show that the fermentation process helps eliminate the indigestible anti nutrients. I do have soy once in a while but in limited amounts. Also on the food plans I have very little dairy and if there is, I give a vegan alternative. I put some raw dishes on the plan, as well, to introduce people to simple raw food meals. I will do more on my blog also with vegan and raw foods. Great questions! Kardena

Comment by marvis
2009-07-28 21:49:06

just purchased your ebook. Dun eat much meats except grass fed chicken & fish. Toyin with the idea of being a vegan. Just like to know how to get enuf protein.Be cos was told to avoid soy & beans because these food affect the level of uric acid. M taking lots of almond, dry figs/cranberry/apricot, walnut,pine nut & macadonia nuts. I do exercise 45 mins to 1 hr daily(7 days/week)such as resistance training tru weight, bodyweight such as yoga & cardio tru cycling(sprint stationary mountain bike). Concern on my health & fitness.

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2009-07-30 00:25:33

Thanks for your question. You had mentioned that you currently eat meat, well animal meat is shown to produce higher levels of uric acid than beans. So first off I would think eating beans would be a better alternative to meat if you are looking to reduce your uric acid levels. Just my observation. Plus if you are eating a diet high in fruits, veggies, and drinking plenty of water to flush out the uric acid, it should not become a problem. Also eating soaked sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds which I mention in my book, (read about it), will be a great source of bio available protein… try it out I think you’ll really like it. Keep up the great work at the gym and moving your body! Kardena

Comment by Lianne
2009-08-10 23:13:29

Hi Kardena
Can you post what you would normally eat in a day as a raw vegan. I am very interested in going raw myself! My concern is variety and a lack of imagination. I cannot eat dairy or wheat and I am worried about eating soy there is so much conflcting information. I am 47 yrs. old. and post menopausal. I want to loose about 30lbs and would like to strive to look like you. I look like your before pictures now. You give me hope and your veggie meals comes at a great time. Lately when I’ve eaten meat it sits in my stomach like a lead shoe and is hard to digest. Thanks for your help and inspiration.

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2009-08-13 01:51:16

Hello Lianne,
I am starting to post what I eat on a daily basis so stay tuned. I make it simple and easy. You will look and feel better.
Wishing you Wellness, Kardena

Comment by Sally
2009-12-13 20:30:23

I am interested in your books and concept – however i do not want a 100% raw diet. i believe for me and my children that a 50-80% raw is good. Do your books only have raw recipes?

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-07-22 23:47:25

My book is cooked vegan and I have added raw recipes as an introduction to raw foods.

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