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The Truth About Vegetarian Protein

The most common question people ask me about my vegetarian diet is, “How do you get enough protein?”. You have a toned body and how do you build muscle without eating meat?” Well, while I agree it is important to have protein in your diet, there are two things to know. 1. We really DON’T […]

Milk Myth Busting

I was in Colorado last week visiting my family & friends and doing some snowboarding.  I always look forward to seeing my family!  Ok, I think I’m now traveled out from my recent Oregon trip and family Colorado visit .  I can’t wait to relax this weekend! Let’s talk about the “supposed” best source of […]

Avoiding Vegetarian Pitfalls

I hope you’re ready for this one because a LOT of vegetarians are about to be SHOCKED (and maybe even disgusted) by what I’m about to reveal. Everyday there are millions of vegetarians and even vegan dieters who are unknowingly consuming animal products – and even meat! Yes, that’s right; there are many hidden animal […]

Part 2- Oregon Road Trip and Pickles

For the second part of our road trip home from Oregon, Mark & I drove south west to the northern California coast to enjoy the Redwoods, the Coast and get in some mountain biking. I have to tell you, Oregon and Northern California are lush and beautiful with over grown fern, dangling moss, and massive […]

How to Get All the Nutrients You Need Without Animal Products

The most common argument against a vegetarian diet is that you can’t get enough calcium or iron, or that you will need to get a Vitamin B12 shot from your doctor. However, it is easy to get plenty of calcium to build strong bones and it’s not difficult to get enough iron. The ONLY nutrient […]

How to Switch to the Vegetarian Lifestyle

I have to admit, with all the “labels” we give to eating styles, it sure can be confusing to a new vegetarian. The broad definition of a vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat. Vegetarians eat all other foods from fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, and oils/fats. From this foundation there are subgroups that […]

How to Get Flat Abs and Lose Belly Fat

I thought I’d change it up today and give some exercise tips to go along with the veggie nutrition tips. At this time of year, my new clients are always asking me, “I want to get flat abs, what ab exercises do I need to do?” or “I’ve been doing lots of crunches but I […]

Holiday Vegetarian Road Trip to Oregon

I love being spontaneous and adventurous! My husbands work schedule opened up last minute and we had the opportunity to go see my sister, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in Oregon for Christmas. We loaded up the car with mountain bikes on top and headed to Oregon to surprise my family.  I’ve never surprised my […]