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Lose Weight, Feel Energized & Be Healthy

One of the questions I get is, “Am I getting enough fiber in my diet?” This is an  important question to be asking because most of us probably know fiber is important to our health but we might not know why. Oh yeah, it’s really great for weight loss too! **Fiber is also filling and […]

How Can I Eat Out in Restaurants if I’m vegetarian?

There is no reason why vegetarians cannot eat out in restaurants. Some restaurants now serve vegetarian food or are strictly vegetarian, and provide a relaxing haven where vegetarians can order anything on the menu. Even that great American symbol of beef and cholesterol, McDonald’s, has Caesar salad, side salad, and its snack size fruit and […]

Tell Us a Little about Easy Veggie Meal Plan

Some people have asked me about my 90-day Easy Veggie Meal Plan Ebook, so in case you have questions about it, here you go!

I made a vegetarian weight loss meal plan because so many people I know kept asking me how to lose weight while being vegetarian. So I looked online to see what was available to you wonderful people around the world and there was literally no meal plans available! I was really surprised! And what I did find out there was not too helpful like a 7-day meal plan with really boring foods and no calorie accountability. Even the vegetarian recipe books in the bookstores might have some great recipes but they do not portion out the calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat that your body needs. In the vegetarian recipe books, it just says: makes 4-7 servings. Not Helpful…

This was when I decided to dedicate all my time and resources in to creating a 90-DAY done for you vegetarian meal plan!

Can I Eat All the Fruits and Vegetables I Want?

Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables do have some calories. Eating must be planned and limited even on a vegetarian diet. The good news is that a plant-based diet tends to have less fat and fewer calories than the same amount of meat. An ounce of fried bacon, for instance, has about the same number of calories […]

How To Make Raw Spaghetti

I had requests to show how to make some great raw dishes so I’m sharing one of my favorites that’s also super easy and fast to make, Raw Spaghetti! In this dish I don’t use spaghetti noodles, I use zucchini instead. Check out the video to see how I do this. It’s pretty amazing and […]

Checking out vegan products at Natural Products Expo Anaheim

Reporting Live from the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA Today I’m reporting live from the Natural Products Expo West, ok almost live. I’m here to check different products and foods and gather some insights for items you can look for in the future when you visit your local health food store. Here are […]

Healthy Spaghetti

With all this cold weather recently, are you craving something warm? Maybe something Italian? How about a healthy alternative for spaghetti made from winter squash? Winter squash (aka spaghetti squash) is dramatically lower in calories than traditional pasta noodles. How much lower, you ask? Try 40 calories per cup of spaghetti squash vs. 190 calories […]

Quick and Easy Breakfast Smoothie

This is how I make my quick, easy and delicious Blueberry Banana Smoothies. You can also find this recipe in my Easy Veggie Meal Plan, weight loss program. This is a great smoothie for breakfast or a snack that’s light on calories and big on antioxidants, fiber, essential protein, and essential minerals! All you’ll need is […]

6 Gift Ideas for a Vegetarian in Your Life

Are you struggling with what to buy the vegetarian in your life?  Hear are some thoughtful gifts that would show them you really care about their health and love them.  If I received these gifts, I would be so excited!  The best gift you could give someone is the gift of health. 1.  Portable Reusable […]

Healthy Snowboarding/Ski Trip

My husband Mark & I went to Big Bear last weekend with some friends and we had a blast!  We stayed at our friend Steve’s gorgeous mountain home and had two days of fun in the snow.  It was one of the funnest weekends I have had in a long time.  Great friends and great […]