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Tell Us a Little about Easy Veggie Meal Plan

Some people have asked me about my 90-day Easy Veggie Meal Plan Ebook, so in case you have questions about it, here you go!

I made a vegetarian weight loss meal plan because so many people I know kept asking me how to lose weight while being vegetarian. So I looked online to see what was available to you wonderful people around the world and there was literally no meal plans available! I was really surprised! And what I did find out there was not too helpful like a 7-day meal plan with really boring foods and no calorie accountability. Even the vegetarian recipe books in the bookstores might have some great recipes but they do not portion out the calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat that your body needs. In the vegetarian recipe books, it just says: makes 4-7 servings. Not Helpful…

This was when I decided to dedicate all my time and resources in to creating a 90-DAY done for you vegetarian meal plan!

Quick and Easy Breakfast Smoothie

This is how I make my quick, easy and delicious Blueberry Banana Smoothies. You can also find this recipe in my Easy Veggie Meal Plan, weight loss program. This is a great smoothie for breakfast or a snack that’s light on calories and big on antioxidants, fiber, essential protein, and essential minerals! All you’ll need is […]

The Best Sources of Vegetarian Protein

Most foods have some combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat – even vegetables contain all three macronutrients! So here’s a list of some whole foods and their protein, carbohydrate, and fat content. The reason I am showing you the three macronutrients is because people tend to eat too much of the wrong foods and they […]

Avoiding Vegetarian Pitfalls

I hope you’re ready for this one because a LOT of vegetarians are about to be SHOCKED (and maybe even disgusted) by what I’m about to reveal. Everyday there are millions of vegetarians and even vegan dieters who are unknowingly consuming animal products – and even meat! Yes, that’s right; there are many hidden animal […]

Vegetarian Eating on the Road

Today, a guest article from Craig Ballantyne on how to stick to vegetarian eating on the road, even when you go to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant and Shula’s steakhouse! ****************************************************** Vegetarian Eating on the Road Well, I thought, this shouldn’t be too hard. After all, I’ve been to Texas (twice) and Europe without any problems, […]

Easy Veggie Meal Plans Winners!

Amazing! We had over 231 entries into the Easy Veggie Meal Plans Blog contest. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, we could only choose 5 winners, and they are… 1) Reiynne – She’s struggled for years to find the right meal plans for her vegan lifestyle, and loved the sample plans Kardena made. Plus, she’s going […]

Win a FREE Copy of the Easy Veggie Meal Plans

On Monday, the Easy Veggie Meal Plans officially go on sale at 12pm EST at the one-time low introductory price, but… Today’s your one and only chance to win one of FIVE copies of the “Easy Veggie Meal Plans”. And it will only take you a few minutes to enter. Just leave a short message […]

Craig Ballantyne’s Vegetarian Diet Needs Help!

Fat loss expert and writer for Men’s Health and Oxygen magazines, Craig Ballantyne recently designed his very own vegetarian diet meal plan. The task seemed simple enough to him, but when he came down to visit me in California, I had to set him straight on a few things about his vegetarian nutrition meal plan! […]