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Pauza Gym Day: Get your Mojo Ready!

Get your Gym Gear on and Get Ready: Saturday Morning is Here! I wanted to give you a glimpse into our Saturday Routine. My Clients and Mark better get their Mojo ready for this Workout because it is serious Saturday! This is just a Glimpse into what happens on Saturday morning at the Pauza residents. […]

Super Low Carb Noodles with Vegan Raw Rosemary Alfredo Sauce

Hi, this is the first video I’ve made since the birth of my son Landon, and I’ve lost 25 pounds in less than two months. I’ve only got 5 more pounds to lose to reach my pre pregnancy weight. I’m excited about that! Diet has a huge part to play in losing the weight so […]

Lose Weight, Feel Energized & Be Healthy

One of the questions I get is, “Am I getting enough fiber in my diet?” This is an  important question to be asking because most of us probably know fiber is important to our health but we might not know why. Oh yeah, it’s really great for weight loss too! **Fiber is also filling and […]

Natural Products Expo & Fabio

Here’s Part 2 of my tour of the Largest Natural Products in the world. Cool Products and Cool People, (Hint,”I can’t believe it’s not butter”) Check out the video to see the actual interviews. Let’s start with my favorite muffin company. For the record, in the past I never ate muffins before I found these. […]

New Healthy Products, Celebrities & Shocking Truths 2011

I had the best time at the largest Natural Products Expo in the US. Zillions of products and hundreds of people, lots of sampling going on, I was in heaven! I should have not eaten two days before to save myself. Just kidding, nobody should do that… I even rubbed shoulders with celebrities like Jillian […]

How Can I Eat Out in Restaurants if I’m vegetarian?

There is no reason why vegetarians cannot eat out in restaurants. Some restaurants now serve vegetarian food or are strictly vegetarian, and provide a relaxing haven where vegetarians can order anything on the menu. Even that great American symbol of beef and cholesterol, McDonald’s, has Caesar salad, side salad, and its snack size fruit and […]

Healthy Low Calorie Vegan Raw Eggnog

Happy Holidays Everyone!  I loved drinking eggnog when I was a kid. Come to think of it, I loved anything that was high powered sugar and fat. Boy,was I hyped up on sugar as a kid! Good thing they didn’t know the word ADD back then or I probably would have been put on medication. […]

Guess what could be making you fat!

I had to share with you a surprise I had recently.  Some of you may know I love to go camping and be outdoors so, I put together a camping trip with some close friends. Everyone brought food for our community meals and some of them haven’t read my blog it seems. That’s ok, it […]

Can I Eat All the Fruits and Vegetables I Want?

Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables do have some calories. Eating must be planned and limited even on a vegetarian diet. The good news is that a plant-based diet tends to have less fat and fewer calories than the same amount of meat. An ounce of fried bacon, for instance, has about the same number of calories […]

Bad vs. Good Guacamole

Today is all about  a product health watch. Somebody (no names!) brought a zesty guacamole to our kickball game and it never got opened or eaten. It sat in my refrigerator for a couple days, but I got hungry and I went to eat it. It looks like it came from a traditional supermarket, but […]