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Comment by Galen Engel
2009-07-16 09:21:01

I have asked a lot of people and never really get a satisfactory answer, just a lot of platitudes, but what about people like myself who works out, don’t smoke or drink, and know that the only flaw in my plan is my diet, yet I hate, despise, etc. most vegetables. They just taste incredible bitter or feel slimey and I just cannot get past that.

The few that I like, red beans, corn, black beans, can eat green beans and black eyed peas, but outside of that, nothing.

If I don’t enjoy eating, what is the point? How does one “learn/condition myself to like the things I know I need and that last stumbling block to getting the body I desire?

For information sake, I am 60 years old, so a lot of years of bad eating and conditioning have gone into this body. About 5 years ago I got serious about my health, lost about 40 pounds and kept it off, but I still need that last little boost and I know it involves a diet that I just don’t like.

Any suggestions?

Comment by admin
2009-07-17 00:22:21

Hi Galen,
I agree, your diet plays a big role in your body transformation.
Have you ever thought maybe you have had past bad veggie experiences influencing your decision? OR not….Maybe it’s purely the palate. If you have had a bad experience, create a new image and experience of veggies. I’m not a veggie psychologist, haha. But these past experiences can play a role in influencing what we like and dislike now. What you like and dislike change so try different foods periodically. What you can try is a smoothie- blend apple, a carrot, and an orange. then from there gradually an another piece of veggie like 1/4 cucumber or a couple spinach leaves. Wishing you wellness and losing those last couple of lbs.! Kardena

Comment by mark Tombrello
2010-10-22 12:46:40

I had cancer 5 years ago ( lymphoma ) and my cancer returned and i just a stem cell transplant at M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital. I want to get on this diet and need all the help i can get.I need to find out Kardena,s email address so i can get some one on one help.I dont understand how to put this diet together and what to eat at each meal.I will be glad to pay for help.So if anyone knows Kardena,s email please email to me at mtombrello@gmail.com Thanks Mark Tombrello

Comment by Anna
2009-07-23 14:42:15


I have been a vegetarian(mostly uncooked,unprocessed)foods for about a year. They are mostly real simple things like fruit and veggies that are easy to carry around with me. I lost about 25 pounds and had tons of energy – I was training for my first half marathon too. I don’t like cold weather much so when I completed my marathon my training ceased too, I gained about 10 lbs. I still eat the same but seem to have reached a plateau. Will you offer some suggestions as to what I can do to remove those 10 lbs and have the energy to pick up my training again?
I started keeping a food journal this week and have noticed that I reach for a sugary snack about the same time around 2pm, any suggestions, what would be better for me to reach for instead of the Twizzlers?
Thanks, Anna

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-03-21 02:55:27

eat sugar snap peas, or use a green powder with stevia in it and add to water. This can curb cravings and give you energy.

Comment by Robert Stehwien
2009-07-31 15:35:02

Kardena – instead of sweets try some fruit, any fruit is better than Twizzlers. In general staying away from processed foods of any type will help.

I’ve only recently become interested in becoming a vegetarian/vegan living after seeing how well it can for for real athletes (Brendan Brazier of Thrive Diet, Mike Mahler, UFC Fighter Mac Danzig, and of course Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training). Only after seeing I could have the body I want on a vegan diet it it become a viable option (most vegetarians/vegans I’ve seen in person don’t have a body I’d want and most are unhealthy by my standards – overweight or twiggy). I grabbed Kardena’s Easy Veggie Meal Plans to supplement info from the Thrive Diet and other sources.

Right now I’m in a transition stage, I eat about 75% raw vegan or vegan with some organic eggs, fish, or poultry. Been off dairy for a little while as an experiment. Never had any of the violently ill (or even moderately ill) issues some people describe as a meat eater, just trying vegan for environmental/moral reasons.

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-03-21 02:59:30

Hi Rob,
Sound slike your learning from the best.

Comment by Jordan
2009-11-01 17:06:42

Hi Kardena,

I have just (as in, minutes ago) purchased the deluxe version of Easy Veggie Meal Plans. I’m very grateful for the detailed, 90 day layout, but something that would be REALLY helpful would be a grocery list. I’m not seeing that in any of the files. Is there any chance of something like that being included in future versions, or added to the website?

I know it may seem like a trivial thing, but I am totally overwhelmed by dietary changes and my brief attempts at vegetarian eating in the past have been thwarted by things like buying too much of one veggie, not enough of others (or, lack of variety… all due to simple ignorance)…. and in the end, a lot of produce ended up going bad while I resorted to eating my old standby packaged foods. I grew up on frozen foods and microwave dinners, so even under the best of circumstances, healthy, balanced, whole foods preparation is NOT intuitive for me. Vegetarian food prep is even more overwhelming, and a seemingly small thing like a basic start-up veggie grocery list would be a big help.

I’m looking forward to using the EVMP and hopefully I’ll have a success story to post soon!

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-03-21 03:02:55

Hey Jordan,

Take it step by step. I recommend looking at the food plan for the following 3 days and grocery shop just for those 3 days. that way you don’t buy too much.

go gettem!

Comment by ltcartwright
2010-03-20 11:11:11

Today makes 1 month vegetarian! No meat cravings!!! I’m going for another 30-days. If I can pass the 4month mark, it would be the first time I’d be able to call myself a full fledged vegetarian, with no falling back or slip ups! My advice to any one struggling is to get Kardena’s Meal Plans and stick to them. There is no hunger, no cravings! Thanks Kardena for a wonderful program! I’ll be back in 30-days!!!

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-04-18 21:41:19

Congrats! You are rockin! My plan helps satisfy your bodies needs therefor not craving junk or meat. Thanks for the update, that’s awesome! Can’t wait to hear more!

Comment by Liz
2010-06-23 21:11:01

Maybe you’re cooking them in a way that leaves them all slimey? My tastebuds enjoy going on a little adventure, so I really get a kick out of savouring all the little flavours that make up each vegetable. Maybe making a game of it for your taste buds would replace the ick with fun for you?

For example, have you ever had a roast root vegetable “salad”? You can put all sorts of things in it and cook it to the level of cooken-ness that you like. A potato, a carrot, a parsnip and a beet all quartered, tossed with a tablespoon of olive oil and a couple of pinches of sea salt, then baked in the oven for 30-60 minutes (depending on how crunchy you like them). Carrots, beets and parsnips all tend to be sweet, but with flavour-personalities. Beets are sweet with what I would call an earthy flavour that reminds me of the way a forest smells after rain.

Comment by Toua Lo
2010-06-24 14:16:30

So I’m trying the raw diet today. In fact I just finished my lunch but am still feeling hungry. I’ve been eating 33% of fat, carbs and protein but now I’ve come to a plateau which I can’t get over hence trying the raw diet. I do Brazilian jiu jitsu and work my butt off at the gym but can’t lose anymore weight even though I’m eating right. I’m not eating raw veggies and fruits completely since I only plan to do that for breakfast and lunch. For dinner I plan on cooked chicken breast. Is it possible for me to get over this plateau by eating like this? Also, what should I eat to keep me feeling full? As mentioned above, just had lunch (raw broccoli, carrots, peas and cucumbers, a bit of corn and a nectarine) but am still hungry. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

Comment by Selma
2010-06-28 16:05:07

Hi Kardena,

I purchased your program and have a question about making substitutions in cases of allergies. I cannot eat nuts or coconut and noticed that you use them both in a lot of your recipes and/or snacks.

I am not opposed to dairy, so I can exchange an organic, lowfat milk for the almond milk in recipes, but what do I do for the nuts and/or coconut? I can eat peanuts, since they are technically a legume, but my body does not tolerate pecans, walnuts, pine nuts, cashews, etc.

Thank you for any guidance you may provide.

Comment by Keisha
2010-08-01 11:05:18

I am a graduate student trying to lose my last 13 pounds. I am now 137 pounds and my goal weight is 124. I am vegan. My body is going a plateau phase. I also need suggestions and tips on how to eat. Should i stop cooking with oils. I like avacado and coconut and plaintain is that bad for you. what food should i not eat on a vegan diet. I love my vega drink. Is rice milk ok to drink.

Comment by Debi jackson
2010-08-08 17:15:41

Hi Kardena.
I’m considering purchasing your meal plan. I have studied raw foods and am knowledgeable of their healing effects, however, I haven’t been able to kick the meat habit (mostly fish and chicken). I have a severe soy allergy so I can’t consume any soy product, so not tofu or anything. Can I still follow your mean plan and finally sever my meat cravings without soy?

Comment by hpc8180
2011-03-05 18:14:07

Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

Comment by Kardena
2011-03-07 15:09:26

Hi! I do, you can follow me @KardenaPauza!

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