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Interview with the “Juiceman” Jay Kordich

I had the privilege of speaking with Jay Kordich “The Juice Man.” I’m here with Jay Kordich, I’m so excited to be talking with him. He is the author of “The Power of Juicing” and he has wonderful products to get you started with juicing and eating healthy. Jay has introduced thousands of people to […]

Checking out vegan products at Natural Products Expo Anaheim

Reporting Live from the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA Today I’m reporting live from the Natural Products Expo West, ok almost live. I’m here to check different products and foods and gather some insights for items you can look for in the future when you visit your local health food store. Here are […]

Healthy Spaghetti

With all this cold weather recently, are you craving something warm? Maybe something Italian? How about a healthy alternative for spaghetti made from winter squash? Winter squash (aka spaghetti squash) is dramatically lower in calories than traditional pasta noodles. How much lower, you ask? Try 40 calories per cup of spaghetti squash vs. 190 calories […]

Good For You Granola – Zero Grains

One of my favorite snacks is granola and I ate it all the time as a youngster.  But I found out later, granola can be high in sugar and high in dense calories from grains and nuts! No wonder I gained weight in high school! I thought granola was one of those really healthy foods, […]

Soaking Nuts, Seeds, and Beans For Optimal Health

Why soak nuts and seeds? Seeds, nuts and beans can just lie around for months when dry – without sprouting – because they contain enzyme inhibitors to stop that process. But once they make contact with water, they become alive and the enzyme inhibitors are released – like Gremlins! The sprouting enzymes become active in […]