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Let me tell you about Kardena’s Kitchen…

Kardena’s kitchen is a way for me to share amazing recipes and information about living a healthy lifestyle & looking great. I mean, we all want to look radiant and healthy on the outside as well as on the inside. There’s nothing wrong with that. Here at Kardena’s Kitchen I focus on incorporating more vegetarian, vegan, and raw foods into your diet. The fact is that most people eat too much processed and refined foods, including excessive amounts of meat.

My website is for you no matter what level of vegetarian or non-vegetarian you are. If you are seeking to incorporate more healthy and delicious dishes into your repertoire even on a meat-eating diet, then this website is for you.

My goal is to introduce people like yourself to recipes that are simple and easy to make. We all have busy lives, so fitting in preparing meals is challenging – that’s why I keep them short and sweet.

Yours Truly,
Kardena Pauza

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Comment by Kelly
2011-01-01 14:25:57

I am a vegan soccer player and I like to eat healthy wholesome food, your recipes are awesome!

2011-05-18 02:59:14

Is there a way to purchase the smoothie book and the Lazy Man cookbooks without purchasing the other products that are offered as a bulk package?

Comment by Kim Martirano
2011-05-23 08:48:14

I recently saw the movie Forks over Knives and have been reading the China Study. So I decided to convert to a more vegetarian/vegan way of eating. I enjoy making green smoothies for energy and drink these instead of coffee. I drink almond milk rather than regular dairy milk. I am having a little difficulty eliminating cheese but I don’t eat it nearly as much. I have enjoyed learning that fruits and vegetables can provide as much protein and calcium that our bodies need rather than eating meat and dairy which is going to clog arteries and cause other diseases. I want to learn a variety of good recipes so that I can continue eating healthy.

Comment by Kardena
2011-05-27 17:12:14

Hi Kim,
I have not seen the movie yet but I look forward to seeing it! You’ve made some big changes in your life! Congratulations! IF you are going to eat cheese look for raw cheese at your local health food store, it’s easier for your body to digest. People don’t realize the power of fresh raw foods. True quote from my friend who transformed in to eating a healthy lifestyle. “I’m loving my new life diet and the benefits are more than I imagined. Wish you would have told me about eating healthy earlier! LOL.” That’s because I told her 4 years ago! and she’s just now made the change. It’s not something you can explain to people just how amazing they can feel. They have to experience for themselves. Check out my recipes I’ve posted on here.
Wishing you wellness,

Comment by Kardena
2011-05-27 17:45:52

Thanks Kelly!
I “kick” out some more recipes for you 🙂

Comment by Jodi
2011-12-10 20:31:09

Hi Kardena

I would just like to say that I have been on this plan now for 6 days and since i’ve started on the juices I have not craved any other food. I’m so happy that I have found your website. Thank You. To date I have lost 4 kilos

Comment by Kardena
2012-01-05 10:22:39

Congratulations! That is fantastic news! I’m so happy for your success and your continued success!

Comment by Jodi
2011-12-10 20:41:31

Hi Kendra

I just want to say thank you for your webiste and congratulations on your baby news. I tried this eating plan a little while ago and found the side effects to much as I had been living off packaged food, so I had to stop. I made a decision after that to go organic for at least 80% of my eating for a few months and try again. I have now started and am on my 6th day. So far the only day that has been a little tough was the first day of the juicing. Since the juicing I have not had any cravings for any food. I keep thinking when am I going to crave some other food, but to my surprise I haven’t. I have lost just over 4kilos and I’m on my 6th day. However the main reason I decided to do it is I suffer from Roseca, a form of ance and dermatitias. I have also been receiving compliments on how good my skin is looking. Once again thank you so much for all your knowledge!

Kind Regards

Comment by Kardena
2012-01-05 10:27:46

Sticking with the program is so important. Clearing up health issues is priceless! Another thing you could add to your program is dandelion greens for cleaning up your liver, since toxins get backed up in the liver and the toxins push out through your skin causing dry skin and break outs. you can make salad out of them, buy it in capsule form, or add it to your juices (it is bitter so beware).
I’m sooo excited for you!

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