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Vegetarian Eating on the Road

Today, a guest article from Craig Ballantyne on how to stick to vegetarian eating on the road, even when you go to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant and Shula’s steakhouse! ****************************************************** Vegetarian Eating on the Road Well, I thought, this shouldn’t be too hard. After all, I’ve been to Texas (twice) and Europe without any problems, […]

How bad do you want it?

Do you want to make lasting change and accomplish your weight loss goals easily and with jedi focus? well, I was listening to my Ipod this morning and thinking about what it takes to accomplish your goals. I’m not a Rah Rah motivational coach. What I do have is 7 years of experience with my […]

The Best Superfoods

A week ago I wrote an article about supporting local farmers by shopping at your local farmers market. Shopping locally helps reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth and is a great way to get fresh, ripe, organic (if possible) fruits and veggies. I like supporting the small family owned farms that have been around […]

Be Vegetarian, Live Longer

Do Vegetarians Live Longer? Some Things to Consider… Talk about the $25,000 question! As you may well know, excess consumption of red meat has been linked to increase risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and other disorders. Health-conscious people (like you!) are eating more fruit, vegetables and are staying away from beef, red meat and […]

Welcome To Vegetarian Month

October 1st is the kick off to Vegetarian Awareness Month. So many people are realizing the benefits of a vegetarian based diet and non vegetarians are reducing their total meat consumption. According to the vegetarian times 46 percent of Americans are reducing their meat consumption. This is excellent news for our environment and your health. […]

Camping in the Desert

Hi Everyone, We survived our desert camp out and the coyotes! Just kidding… My husband and I enjoy many different activities and one of them is camping.  It could be camping in the mountains, or over looking the beach or camping in the desert.  This time we chose the Mojave desert where I was born. […]