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Pauza Gym Day: Get your Mojo Ready!

Get your Gym Gear on and Get Ready: Saturday Morning is Here! I wanted to give you a glimpse into our Saturday Routine. My Clients and Mark better get their Mojo ready for this Workout because it is serious Saturday! This is just a Glimpse into what happens on Saturday morning at the Pauza residents.

We Start out with a recipe from my Fun and Fit Hubby Mark who dishes out the inside Knowledge on this Yummy Smoothie filled with Nothing Less than a Sharp, Twist of Wheatgrass to Get your Body Ready for the Workout…………………. So, for you Healthy Foodies, the Recipe for Mark’s Delicious Smoothie are below.

Work-out Smoothie

Touch of Wheatgrass
Plant Fusion Protein Powder
Dash of Vanilla Extract
Sliced Almonds
Dash of Stevia
1/2 Sliced Banana
Big dash of cinnamon

Then we’re off to the gym! Check out Mark getting a beaten while doing abs!

Look at my little guy! This video was taken about 4 months ago. He’s much bigger and animated now!

Wishing You Vibrant Health,
Kardena Pauza

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