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Guess what could be making you fat!

I had to share with you a surprise I had recently.  Some of you may know I love to go camping and be outdoors so, I put together a camping trip with some close friends.

Everyone brought food for our community meals and some of them haven’t read my blog it seems. That’s ok, it gives me more to write about.

We grilled up some veggie patties and grabbed for some tasty BBQ sauce. My brother did the honors.


Brother & Christine BBQing

BUT remember,

My # 1 rule before eating anything from a package is to read the ingredient list & then the nutrition label. DO NOT trust the front of the label, always read the back.

I read the ingredient list on this BBQ Sauce and what do you know,

the first ingredient was High Fructose Corn Syrup!

Since high fructose corn syrup was first on the list, that means the main ingredient is HFCS. That’s absurd! 2 tablespoons contained 17 grams of sugar!

It was like spicy tomato syrup.

HFCS is the worst type of sugar you could put in your body don’t forget about the extra calories these sauces bring.

If you added some kind of sauce, dip, dressing, spread, or jam that added an extra 100-200 calories to each meal.

You could be potentially gain 1 lbs. a week! Easy Veggie Meals eBook

Watch out for those extra condiment calories! They can add up fast!
Kardena Pauza
Author of Easy Veggie Meal Plans– 90 day vegetarian weight loos plan
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Comment by Patrick
2011-03-14 23:26:20

My all time favorite comment was from Married with Children. Peggy says to Al, “Does this dress make me look fat?” and his reply was: “No, the fat makes you look fat!” Hahaha

Of course always good to know what is causing the fat to jump on us. You are always so very informative! Thanks Kardena!

Btw.. thanks to You I now make my own dressings for my salad. I save a bunch of money and they taste oh so good!

Comment by Kardena
2011-04-12 10:41:57

Hey Patrick,
That’s hilarious! It true about the fat on the bod. There’s only so much clothing can do to hide fat, then it’s up to you/people to just be real with themselves.
Making your own “gourmet” salad dressing is a huge accomplishment for you, since living the bachelor lifestyle as I know you do, does not include making meals at home too often. I have to say I’ve been impressed with the flavors you’ve put together! You should be bottling that stuff!

Comment by Tricia
2011-04-20 11:41:53

It’s so funny that you mention that, we were grocery shopping the other day and stocking up on sauces and ended up not getting any because most of them just have so many calories. Now I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem if I’m not adding it to every meal and I never smother. I can easily get by with just 1-2 tablespoons. But still extra is still extra. I was at Target and checked the assortment there and fount a Hawaiian bbq sauce that is 40 calories for 2T. I thought that was pretty good. I have no idea how it will taste but just wanted to share with you. 40 calories is still 40 I could do without but so many are 40 or even 75 for just 1T, I thought I will at least see how it tastes.

Comment by Kardena
2011-05-27 17:41:01

Hey Tricia,
And once you start looking at labels it’s really hard to buy them because you can plainly see they are so bad for you. The calories are one thing but the ingredients is the other part. 40 calories for 2T sounds pretty good! Just watch out for high fructose corn syrup. It’s totally fine to use sauces once in a while and in small amounts like you said.
I like the powder packets of seasoning for tacos or fajitas. I don’t use it on meat but I use it on beans, veggies, grains, and soaked sunflower seeds. Since there’s no creamy sauces included, I just add water and it’s literally no calories!

Thanks for sharing! Those choices make huge changes.

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