Healthy Tips From The Cal State Championships

Hey everyone, while I was at the Cal State Championships in LA, I met with Jen a fellow competitor. We were talking backstage about some tips and some things that really helped us get into shape for the competition. What a great time to share with you guys some healthy tips that really worked for me and that got me into phenomenal shape to be there.

Jen – Thanks Kardena, it’s really nice to meet you. I have a couple of questions for you. It’s actually my first show so it’s definitely a new experience! My first question is: How do you keep your energy level up if you want to avoid taking a fat burner? I know a lot of girls out there like to take fat burner pills but that is something I’m not interested in at this point. What do you recommend I eat to keep my energy level high for my workouts?nofatburners

Kardena – I definitely don’t take fat burners, there are so many undesirable side effects. Instead, I’ve created this really great amp-up your metabolism drink that you can take first thing in the morning. You can see the recipe HERE
I take it first thing in the morning and it is all natural and it includes things you can find right in your kitchen! Cayenne pepper, lemon, some other secret ingredients….:) It gives you lots of energy, its super healthy for you, and it also helps detoxify your body so you’re amping up your metabolism, helping cut fat, and it makes you look better…detoxifying you from the inside out!

Jen – I know when I’m eating low calorie foods I never feel satiated! If you are on a low calorie diet, what kind of foods do you suggest to give me that full feeling?

Kardena – With my diet, being a Vegan, one thing I found is plant based foods have a lot of fiber in them so I can eat things like beans. Beans are VERY filling. My lunch is so filling…it fills me up until dinner, it’s amazing!
SO, beans, legumes, celery, things that are high in fiber will help you feel full and satiated. If you need a little extra help, psyllium fiber is a fiber that helps clean out your intestinal track as well as help to make you feel full. Those things will help!beans1222748285

Jen – My last question is about your cheat day! We’re on this rigorous diet for our big day to get on stage and then we get to the point where we can splurge a little. How do you handle that without going overboard? What do you recommend for your cheat day or cheat meal?

Kardena – good question! Cheat meals are important because it gives you something to look forward to during the week. What really works for me is to put a time limit on my cheat meal. Give yourself 45 minutes and have that food you’ve been looking forward to eating the most! But, keep it to 45 minutes so it helps you stay on track. If you stretch out that cheat meal you run the risk of derailing your progress. This is what I’ve found to be effective, and I think you will too!

Jen- Thank you so much for the advice I really appreciate it!

After having the opportunity to chat with Jen I met with another competitor, Michele. She looked awesome! I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk to some of the wonderful contestants like Michele to find out what it takes to get ready for a show like this!
So Michelle, what does it REALLY take to get ready???

Michele – Kardena, like you know, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and sticking to your goals, you have to really find ways that work with your lifestyle, choosing the right foods, the right times to eat, and the right places.

Kardena – So do you have a couple tips for our viewers out there who are looking to lose weight and really make some changes for themselves?

Michele – the number one tip I can give is to make it a realistic lifestyle change, give yourself goals you can set, and achieve, that way you can follow through and really make it a lifestyle change and not just something that is a 12 week program.

Kardena – That way you don’t have to cut out the things you really love!gardeningimage

Michele – No! you have to enjoy life, and enjoy food, but you just have to be healthy doing it!

Kardena – Good point! Thanks Michele!

Michele – Thanks Kardena!

Thanks for reading and watching…I’ll see you next time!
Kardena Pauza,

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Author of Easy Veggie Meal Plans

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Comment by Kelly Kurcina
2010-06-23 06:26:02

Thank you so much for giving us and insiders peak + tips to a backstage fitness competition. I have not tried psyllium husk for fullness, only organic wheat bran and since I am almost out of that I decided to try a gluten-free product~organic coconut flour! What are your thoughts on coconut flour?
Also, I have often thought about a fitness competition, but I have an extreme sensitivity to hairsprays and heavily scented products and I was not sure what being backstage would be like regarding that.

Congrats on your win and you not only look so lean and fit, but your face has a glow!

Comment by Kardena Pauza
2010-07-06 00:44:08

Hi Kelly,
Your welcome. Coconut flour is pretty heavy and may not be a straight substitute for other flours in terms of taste. It is a good complimentary flour. Coconut flour contains over 50% fiber, double that of wheat flour, and healthy coconut oil which has a host of healthy building benefits.
Psyllium husk and wheat bran compliment each other.
Back stage you are subjected to the elements/chemicals other women bring in to the rooms. Lots of hair do’s being worked on. You may have to use another room. But never rule it out, there may be a way to make it happen.
Enjoy the coconut flour!

Comment by Mariana
2010-07-06 12:00:19

Hi Kardena!
I follow a raw-vegan diet and it’s awesome… it works pretty good for me. My only concern is about calcium… I try to eat broccoli but i don’t have it every day… Is there another good source of calcium i can have?

Comment by Mariana Torrisi
2010-07-06 12:03:59

Hello Kardena!
I follow a raw-vegan diet and it’s awesome, it works perfectly to me. My only concern is about calcium. I try to have broccoli at least once a week, but i think i should have more clacium intakes. Can you recomend me another good meal with a good source of this mineral? Thank you!

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