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Winners of the Giveaway!

I’m so happy to announce the winners of the healthy detox prizes from Redmond Clay & RealSalt! I excited to share these great products with you & I cant wait for you to add these to your daily routine for better health.

Here are the winners, in no particular order-

Diane Pinho-Arcaro, Holly Moran, Jim Toner, Sandy, Sue, Bev Budig, Sandra Moses, Lisa Moose, Rozelyn, Donna Maginley, Garrett Hildebrand

I need your physical address so Redmond can directly mail you your prize. It will be coming from Utah so give it time for shipping.
I will attempt to contact you on Friday if I have your email address from your comment. Feel free to email me/leave a comment with your address and I will get it.


Clay is pretty amazing stuff and it sounds like you learned alot from the article. If you did not win I just want to say thank you for truly participating and wanting to make a healthy change in your life and your families life. Remember these products are pretty inexpensive compared to other supplements and found easily or online if you want to also try them!"Easy Veggie Meal Plans"
Wishing you wellness!

Kardena Pauza
Author of Easy Veggie Meal Plans 90 day done for you vegetarian meal plan
Owner & Fitness Trainer Edge Personal Trainers

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Comment by Sandy
2011-06-24 18:28:52

Hi Kardena,

My name is Sandra Moses, and you contacted me telling me I was one of the winners of the Redmond Health and Detox products. Thank you so much!! I am so excited to get them and I appreciate all of your information very much.
Thanks again

Comment by Kardena
2011-06-28 14:37:03

Hi Sandy,
You are very welcome and I’m always open to sharing new health information with everyone. Enjoy the products and their benefits!
Thank you for following me and share it with friends.

Comment by Holly Moran
2011-07-06 17:29:10

Hey Kardena!!

I’m so excited to try out these products! They arrived yesterday and I’ve already started the Clay detox and tried the salt! It’s great! They also sent me a couple Real Salt shaker samples to pass out, and I’ve already delivered them to my neighbors to see what they think!

Thanks for spreading the word! You’re awesome! 😀


Comment by Kardena
2011-07-13 22:39:27

Hey Holly, That’s awesome! Do the salt test. Taste the sea salt 1st, then taste your regular table salt. See if you notice a difference. You are such a giver, sharing the salts! btw- the clay “mask”, my friend said it worked really well on mosquito bites if you put the clay on before you itch the bite. Just spreading the word of health. Hugs, Kardena

Comment by Jason Riot
2011-08-18 11:32:04

Congratz to you winners 🙂 and kardena yea we use only sea salt here, tastes much CLEANER!

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